DeLillo, Derrida and the Literature of Money

Brendon Wocke


In Given Time: Counterfeit Money, Jacques Derrida’s essay on the relationship between time, debt, and the gift, he asks: «Can one tell the story of money?». This article seeks to read Cosmopolis, Don DeLillo’s 2003 novel, as a reply to Derrida’s question regarding the literature of money, taking developments in the contemporary financial economy into account, and exploring the notion of temporal decomposition that the two works share. In considering the «theory of time» present in Given Time: Counterfeit Money and in Cosmopolis we underline the manner in which the latter reflects a particularly incisive understanding of what is at stake in modern financial markets, bringing the question of the relationship between time and money to the fore.

Parole chiave

DeLillo; Derrida; Time; Acceleration; Money

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