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N. 1 (2019) Administrative law systems around the world: (increasingly) similar but (still) different Abstract   PDF
Giulio Napolitano
N. 1 (2019) Between basic income e minimum income. A modest proposal Abstract   PDF
Elena Granaglia
N. 1 (2019) Cats and dogs in Italian banks: who controls the board of directors? Abstract   PDF
Benedetto Brancoli Busdraghi
N. 1 (2019) Counter - terrorism legislation in Italy: the key role of administrative measures Abstract   PDF
Maria Stella Bonomi
N. 1 (2019) Dante and the law: the influence of legal categories on 14th century political thought Abstract   PDF
Sara Menzinger
N. 1 (2019) El papel de los juristas en el proceso de integración europea Abstract   PDF
Alejandro Saiz Arnaiz
N. 1 (2019) Green light for the appointment of EU citizens as directors of Italian state-owned museums. An important ruling of the Italian Council of State Abstract   PDF
Giulia Valenti
N. 1 (2019) Interview with Professor Jean-Bernard Auby Abstract   PDF
Maria Stella Bonomi
N. 1 (2019) Italian criminal procedure: thirty years after the great reform Abstract   PDF
Luca Lupária, Mitja Gialuz
N. 1 (2019) More than just a cake: masterpiece cakeshop and the future of civil rights Abstract   PDF
Edoardo Ruzzi
N. 1 (2019) Pacta sunt servanda si, pero bona fidei: una reflexión comparada sobre la disciplina de los contratos de larga duración en las recientes tentativas de recodificación del derecho civil Abstract   PDF
Chiara Cersosimo
N. 1 (2019) Roma Tre Law Review n.1/2019 Abstract   PDF
Giulio Napolitano, Giorgio Resta
N. 1 (2019) Santi Romano (1917-1918), L’ordinamento giuridico, eng. trans., The legal order, edited and translated by Mariano Croce, Abingdon-New York, 2017 & Interview with Mariano Croce editor and translator of Santi Romano’s The legal order Abstract   PDF
Francesca Asta, Carlo Caprioglio
N. 1 (2019) The comparative law of dignity: an introduction Abstract   PDF
Giorgio Resta
N. 1 (2019) The destruction of cultural properties as a war crime: some critical remarks on the ICC’s Al Mahdi case Abstract   PDF
Viviana Sachetti
N. 1 (2019) The EU General Court quashes an ECB decision: towards a new chapter on prudential supervision and judicial review? Abstract   PDF
Gianluca Buttarelli
N. 1 (2019) The nature of the “corporate relation” between Italian joint stock companies and their directors Abstract   PDF
Marco Coluzzi
N. 1 (2019) The Trans - Adriatic Pipeline and the Nimby syndrome Abstract   PDF
Giorgio Mocavini
N. 1 (2019) The US Supreme Court judgment on the Travel Ban. The powers and the words of the US President Abstract   PDF
Giulio Napolitano
N. 1 (2019) The violations of the Charter of Fundamental Rights as questions of constitutionality: new perspectives from the Italian Constitutional Court Abstract   PDF
Marta Caredda
N. 1 (2019) Who shall administer the national capital territory of Delhi? The Indian Supreme Court affirms a principle of collaboration between the federal and the “local” government for the city management Abstract   PDF
Elisabetta Tatì
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