Net-Activism. How digital technologies have been changing individual and collective actions

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Curatore: Francesco Antonelli
Editore: RomaTrE-Press
Data di pubblicazione: aprile 2017
ISBN: 978-88-94885-15-6

Recently, the digital architectures of interaction have also become, more than a new information architecture, a new ecology of dialogue and participation. In addition to the new forms of debate and interaction which are expressed far beyond the dynamics of modern public opinion, the digital networks have opened spaces of experimentation for new decision-making collaborative practices. In several areas, the creation of platforms and architectures of debate and deliberations is putting new questions about the technological possibility of overcoming the representative democracy. Finally, this new digital ecology has been changing social actions in everyday life. The book analyzes these phenomena both through a theoretical reflection (first part) and by some case studies (second part), as the result of the activities promoted by the Net-Activism International Research Network based on Atopos Lab in Universidade de São Paulo. At the Network join: Università degli Studi “Roma Tre”, Universidade Lusófona do Porto, Université de Lille 2, Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris.


Francesco Antonelli is Research Fellow in Sociology at the Department of Political Sciences, Università degli Studi “Roma Tre”. Recent publications: “European Politics of Numbers: Sociological Perspectives on Official Statistics. General Trends”, International Review of Sociology, 26,3, 2016;  L’Europa del dissenso. Teorie e analisi sociopolitiche, Milano, Franco Angeli 2016.



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Net-Activism. How digital technologies have been changing individual and collective actions


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Francesco Antonelli
Massimo Di Felice
Antonio Tursi
Francesco Antonelli
Marco Binotto, Federica Ferraris
Sveva Magaraggia, Elisabetta Ruspini
Serena Fossati
Emanuele Toscano
Federico Ettore Maria Tarquini
Stefania Fragapane, Ariela Mortara
Luca Massidda, Stefania Parisi
Fabio Introini, Cristina Pasqualini
Tatiana Mazali