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A tal fine è necessario rivolgersi per le informazioni relative alla Segreteria della RomaTrE-Press (epress@roma3education.it).

Edited by: Antonio Carratta, Giorgio Pino, Mario De Caro

Intorno al ragionamento giuridico

During the last few decades, several aspects of legal reasoning have been subjected to intense jurisprudential scrutiny – among these, the structure of legal interpretation, the role of logic ...

Edited by: Laura Fotia

Discorso d’odio e politiche dell’odio tra passato e presente

In recent years there has been an escalation in the use of hate speech and so-called 'hate crimes', prompted by the multiplication of virtual spaces for discussion, today potentially ...

Lo Stato digitale nel Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza

The close correlation between the lack of productivity of a country-system and the low level of digitization and innovation of the same is a well-known fact. Just as it ...

Vincenzo Mannino

Governo misto romano e repubblicanesimo americano

Research underlines that Theodor Mommsen’s Staatslehere has been subjected to a large critical review, but also that some gray areas remain, the consistency of which has prevented us from ...

Edited by: Laura Pujia

Rileggere Samonà Re-reading Samonà

The book collects the results of the call for papers and photos ‘Rileggere Samonà’ ('Re-reading Samonà'), sponsored by the Dipartimento di Architettura of the Università degli Studi Roma Tre ...

Edited by: Biagio Di Micco, Caterina Vernier, Javier Mazzitelli, Maxime Gouzevitch

Higgs boson potential at colliders: status and perspectives

This document summarises the current theoretical and experimental status of the di-Higgs boson production searches,  and of the direct and indirect con-straints on the Higgs boson self-coupling, with the ...

Edited by: Francesco Giovanetti, Giulia Brunori

I buoni progetti di restauro: conservazione, adeguamento, riuso. Atti dell’VIII Convegno Nazionale ARCo

The 8th ARCo’s National Conference was dedicated to the reflections on architectural heritage restoration, with a special focus on the current critical issues and a section dedicated to the ...

Edited by: Giorgia De Pasquale

Progetto, memoria e futuro dei luoghi post-sisma. Proposte per il recupero dell’ex Convento di Sant’Anna a Borbona

After an earthquake, within the needed transformations for the survival of local communities, the project plays an important role because it is the only tool that allows to preserve ...

Edited by: Michela Bella

William James. Alcuni problemi di psicologia

The growing interest in the American philosopher and psychologist William James (1842-1910) takes the stage in several debates across different disciplines.

Aurelio Principato

Tre percorsi letterari parigini

Aurelio Principato collects here some of his most significant studies, previously scattered in various journals or collective volumes, and written over the years during his extended stays in Paris ...

Edited by: Chiara Romagnoli, Sergio Conti

La lingua cinese in Italia. Studi su didattica e acquisizione

The nine papers collected in this volume aim at presenting theories and data on Chinese as a foreign language teaching and acquisition.

Edited by: Irene Zanot, Simona Pollicino

Parole che non c’erano. La lingua e le lingue nel contesto della pandemia

Language is constantly evolving and adapting to ever-changing realities and circumstances, such as the current pandemic. In fact, this happens more rapidly and more prominently in moments of historical ...