Edited by: Giuseppe Martini, Vinicio Busacchi

B@belonline vol. 8 Paul Ricœur: Narrative Identity Between Hermeneutics and Psychoanalysis/Paul Ricœur: L’identità narrativa tra ermeneutica e psicoanalisi

The volume analyzes, with the contributions of the major national and international scholars on the subject, a precise theme in the polymorphic work of the great philosopher of the ...

Edited by: Francesca Brezzi, Francesca Gambetti, Maria Teresa Pansera

B@belonline vol. speciale 2021 Il nuovo atlante di Sophia/ Sophia’s New Atlas

This special edition of B@belonline aims to be a kind of instant book on the tragic themes of 2020. During this year the world was hit by a shocking ...

B@belonline vol. 6 New Phenomenological Horizons/Nuovi orizzonti fenomenologici

"The theme" of issue 6 of B@belonline 2020, edited by Mariannina Failla and Alice Pugliese, collects the results of the work of a new generation of scholars, gathered for ...

B@belonline vol. 5 Ernst Bloch e il principio utopico ieri e oggi

This part of the present issue, edited by Attilio Bruzzone, Guelfo Carbone e Elisabetta Colagrossi, collects most of the papers discussed at the international conference held in 2018 partly ...

B@belonline vol. 4 Pensare l’eresia. Tra origine e attualità

Rivista online di Filosofia - Nuova serie

B@belonline vol. 1/2 Filosofia e mistica

Rivista online di Filosofia

B@belonline vol. 16/17 Pensare Altrimenti

Rivista online di Filosofia