Social sciences

Edited by: Giuseppe Pillera, Lisa Stillo, Maria Tomarchio, Massimiliano Fiorucci

LA SCUOLA È APERTA A TUTTI. Modelli ed esperienze di formazione docenti e dirigenti nel master FAMI. Organizzazione e gestione delle istituzioni scolastiche in contesti multiculturali

This volume collects the reflections and experiences gained within the training and action-research project related to the Master "Organization and management of school institutions in multicultural contexts", carried out ...

Edited by: Marina Geat

Interculture : contributions, réseaux, spécificités des contextes francophones

Les articles qui composent ce volume se proposent d'identifier et de décrire des « spécificités francophones » dans des champs disciplinaires différents.

Luca Tedesco, Marco Giosi

Maurice Halbwachs e la memoria collettiva. Riletture critiche

This contribution is aimed at analyzing the theory of collective memory developed by the French sociologist Maurice Halbwachs.

Il diritto dei beni culturali. Atti del Convegno OGiPaC in memoria di Paolo Giorgio Ferri. Roma, 27 maggio 2021

The volume collects the proceedings of the conference "Il diritto dei beni culturali. In memoria di Paolo Giorgio Ferri", organised by the OGiPaC - Legal Observatory on the Protection ...

Edited by: Giuseppe Martini, Vinicio Busacchi

B@belonline vol. 8 Paul Ricœur: Narrative Identity Between Hermeneutics and Psychoanalysis/Paul Ricœur: L’identità narrativa tra ermeneutica e psicoanalisi

The volume analyzes, with the contributions of the major national and international scholars on the subject, a precise theme in the polymorphic work of the great philosopher of the ...

Stefania Nirchi

La valutazione dei e nei sistemi formativi e-learning

The growing use of digital technologies in the world of education has provided enriching opportunities for existing learning models.

Edited by: Elise Poillot, Gabriele Lenzini, Giorgio Resta, Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich

Data protection in the context of covid-19. A short (hi)story of tracing applications

The volume presents the results of a research project  (named "Legafight") funded by the Luxembourg Fond National de la Recherche   in order to verify if and how digital tracing ...

Maria Lidia Romero Meira, Michele Masulli, Paolo Iorio, Rebecca Gironi, Valeria Termini

Levelling carbon pricing. A proposal for an inclusive, sustainable, modern energy and climate roadmap

The fight against climate change is a global public good and COP 26 is a key appointment to address it. However, while the climate agreement that will be negotiated ...

La filosofia dei giuristi italiani

Luigi Caiani’s La filosofia dei giuristi italiani, first published in 1955, is an analysis and critical discussion of the way in which many important legal scholars from the first ...

Democrazia e Sicurezza – 2021 n. 2

«Democrazia e Sicurezza - Democracy and Security Review» has been founded by professor Salvatore Bonfiglio as a scientific review of the University of Roma Tre and part of the ...