Studi per le Scienze Politiche

Edited by: Laura Fotia

Discorso d’odio e politiche dell’odio tra passato e presente

In recent years there has been an escalation in the use of hate speech and so-called 'hate crimes', prompted by the multiplication of virtual spaces for discussion, today potentially ...

Dominique Memmi

La rivincita della carne. Saggio sui nuovi supporti dell’identità

Since the nineties, the lactation and perception of the newborn through the skin, the observation of the placenta and the cutting of the umbilical cord, have been encouraged as ...

Giuliano Santangeli Valenzani

Great Times Down South: Promozione turistica nel Deep South statunitense (1976-1981)

This book aims to analyze the advertising material (brochures, booklets, advertisements, radio and tv spots) used by the state tourism bureaus of four deep southern states (Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, ...

Edited by: Antonio D’Alessandri, Rudolf Dinu

Il Sud-est europeo e le Grandi potenze. Questioni nazionali e ambizioni egemoniche dopo il Congresso di Berlino

The Berlin Congress (1878) was a turning point in the contemporary history of the Balkans and of Europe itself.

Cristiana Carletti, Mariella Pagliuca

Parità ed empowerment di genere: strumenti giuridici, programmi e politiche internazionali, regionali e nazionali

The Volume aims to propose an overview of the complex international framework, including intergovernmental global and regional organisations, and the codification of the principles and legal standards for the ...

Edited by: Claudio Di Maio, Raffaele Torino

Imprenditori senza frontiere. Le migrazioni come fattore di sviluppo

Principal socio-economic indicators suggest that foreign self-employed workers represent a considerable part of SMEs in Europe. Third-country nationals who decide to live in EU Member States tend to be ...

Edited by: Vincenzo Cuffaro

Obsolescenza e caducità delle leggi civili

The book is composed of several essays, each one of which examines the legislation concerning a new contract or business relationship.

Edited by: Francesco Antonelli

Working Papers In Terrorism Studies: The Present And The Future Of Violent Radicalization In Europe.

The purpose of the book is to present the findings of a survey involving Law Enforcement Agency members and Civil Experts, about the present and the future of violent ...

Francesca Nemore

Un mondo diviso: l’Italia, l’Europa e il nucleare visti dall’archivio Albonetti

The archive of Achille Albonetti, kept in the library of political studies "Pietro Grilli di Cortona" of the Roma Tre University, gives us back all the facets of a ...

Edited by: Marusca De Castris

Cibo e Società. Una relazione da esplorare

The book offers a multidisciplinary reading of the complex relationship between food and society, in a system characterized by rules, economic and social and political constraints. The essays discuss ...