Edited by: Michela Bella

William James. Alcuni problemi di psicologia

The growing interest in the American philosopher and psychologist William James (1842-1910) takes the stage in several debates across different disciplines.

Aurelio Principato

Tre percorsi letterari parigini

Aurelio Principato collects here some of his most significant studies, previously scattered in various journals or collective volumes, and written over the years during his extended stays in Paris ...

Edited by: Chiara Romagnoli, Sergio Conti

La lingua cinese in Italia. Studi su didattica e acquisizione

The nine papers collected in this volume aim at presenting theories and data on Chinese as a foreign language teaching and acquisition.

Edited by: Irene Zanot, Simona Pollicino

Parole che non c’erano. La lingua e le lingue nel contesto della pandemia

Language is constantly evolving and adapting to ever-changing realities and circumstances, such as the current pandemic. In fact, this happens more rapidly and more prominently in moments of historical ...

Studi Sartriani – XV/2021 – Sartre e l’arte contemporanea. Immagini e immaginari

Studies on the imaginary, closely related to reflections on literature and art, reveal the extraordinary theoretical richness of Sartre's thought. Art, imagination, freedom. A fundamental triptych for understanding the ...

Everydayness. Contemporary Aesthetic Approaches

The notion of everydayness is currently gaining momentum in scientific discourses, in both philosophical and applied aesthetics.

Edited by: Francesco Fiorentino, Laura Santone

Allegretto Vivace. Omaggio a Bruna Donatelli

The keynote of this volume, which a group of friends and colleagues are dedicating to Bruna Donatelli, is the question of intermediality, which the various essays collected in it ...

Edited by: Fernando Quiles García, José Jaime García Bernal, Marcello Fagiolo Dell’Arco, Paolo Broggio

A la luz de Roma. Santos y santidad en el barroco iberoamericano. Volume II: España, espejo de santos

In Spagna, più che altrove, il XVII secolo è il secolo dei santi. Non solo per l'elevazione agli altari di quell'inedito manipolatore di uomini e donne le cui virtù ...

Edited by: Francesca Brezzi, Francesca Gambetti, Maria Teresa Pansera

B@belonline vol. speciale 2021 Il nuovo atlante di Sophia/ Sophia’s New Atlas

This special edition of B@belonline aims to be a kind of instant book on the tragic themes of 2020. During this year the world was hit by a shocking ...

Studi Sartriani – XIV/2020 – Sartre e l’esistenzialismo americano

«Studi Sartriani» decided to dedicate this issue to the irresistible fascination that America has exercised on existentialism and vice versa. Sartre immediately understood how much that American reality, despite ...