Comparazione e diritto positivo. Un dialogo tra saperi giuridici

Edited by:  Alessandro Somma, Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: may 2021
Pages: 417
ISBN: 979-12-5977-017-2
n° downloads ad oggi: 1


For some time now, comparison is practiced in all positive law fields: it has ceased to be the exclusive occupation of comparative law scholars. The latter have then to concentrate on the foundations of their discipline, reflecting on the objects, purposes and methods of comparative law. However, they must do so in dialogue with positive law scholars, whose research is an unavoidable point of reference for verifying and developing the foundations of the discipline. This book discusses the possibilities and the agenda of such a collaboration, with contributions of distinguished positive law scholars particularly open to the use of comparative law.

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