La storia senza frontiere. Per una didattica interculturale della storia

La storia senza frontiere. Per una didattica interculturale della storia
Author  Bruna Sferra
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: september 2016
Pages: 247
ISBN: 978-88-97524-77-9
n° downloads ad oggi: 1


In today’s world schools must constantly adapt to the transformations of the societies in which they operate, and respond to the challenges posed by globalization. This fundamental challenge is to provide an education that is relevant to developing the theoretical, practical, social and cognitive competencies needed in contemporary society. Therefore, with the help of a holistic vision, it is necessary for each educational discipline to translate its intercultural pedagogy into a practical instructional model. Each discipline, in its unique way, provides the material to develop an integrated base of knowledge, but the study of history, in particular, offers both effective examples and the knowledge needed for the acquisition of the skills to be an effective citizen. This volume illustrates the process of teaching history from an intercultural perspective. It was developed in a third grade elementary school class  with the aim of bridging the gap between theory and practice and of providing the students with the adequate tools for analyzing the present and the future. The following list outlines the objectives of the program, which are fundamental for the acquisition of a knowledge of history that has an intercultural lens: the mastery of the subject matter and the awareness of how it was produced, the development of cognitive skills and the ability to discuss their point of view with respect for others and with the awareness of the plurality of views, the discovery of their own individual and social identity and the development of an open cultural identity.

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