Compresenze. Corpi, azioni e spazi ibridi nella città contemporanea

Compresenze. Corpi, azioni e spazi ibridi nella città contemporanea
Edited by:  Annalisa Metta, Giovanni Caudo, Janet Hetman
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: november 2017
Pages: 230
ISBN: 978-88-94885-49-1
n° downloads ad oggi: 1


This book collects the outcome of a call, launched in autumn 2016, promoted by a group of researchers from the PhD Program in Landscapes of the Contemporary City. Policies, techniques and visual studies, at the Department of Architecture of Roma Tre University. The invitation, addressed to scholars, designers, photographers and artists in different fields, is to investigate the characters of the multiple ways throught which co-presences – intended as the forms of living in the city and building urban spaces that include different and plural wills, spontaneous, predisposed or suggested – happen in the places of contemporary cities and stimulate the encounter between different bodies, behaviors, spaces, times and cultures. The book contains the selected contributions, with a rich variety of cases and thoughts, dealing with both informal practices and authors’ projects, buildings and open spaces, didactic experiences, theoretical or applied research, able to offer ideas to reflect and answer some questions of which we propose the urgency: what are the spatial dynamics in our cities able to welcome and express forms of co-presence? Which chronologies do they require or describe? Which tools, attitudes and skills are needed to design areas of co-presence? Which are the privileged places for experimenting actions, practices and co-presence projects? The volume also contains essays by Federica Andreoni, Francesco Careri, Matilde Cassani, Fabio Di Carlo, Giulio Giovannoni, Jacopo Leveratto, Giovanni Longobardi and Gabriele Rossi.

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