Democrazia e Sicurezza – 2013, n. 3-4

Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: november 2013
Pages: 100
ISBN: 2239‐804X
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«Democrazia e Sicurezza – Democracy and Security Review» has been founded by professor Salvatore Bonfiglio as a scientific review of the University of Roma Tre and part of the National Research Project «Constitutions and State Security: Present Scenarios and Perspectives» (2008). Subsequently the activities have continued within the National Research Project «European Democratic Institutions and Administrations: Cohesion and Innovation in Times of Economic Crisis» (2010-2011). This review aims to deepen the relationship between democracy and security: they could sometimes conflict, nonetheless, fundamental human rights may never be denied nor seriously altered in any democratic State.
The Right Not to Be Criminalized – Salvatore Bonfiglio
Privacy e sicurezza – Licia Califano
La costruzione di un efficace sistema tunisino di protezione dei diritti umani – Stefania Spada
Il ruolo delle forze armate croate nella difesa dell’ambiente – Alessandra Carloni

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