Dopare il corpo, dopare la mente…

Dopare il corpo, dopare la mente…
Edited by:  Luca Mallia, Fabio Lucidi
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: november 2016
Pages: 76
ISBN: 978-88-97524-88-5
n° downloads ad oggi: 4


In recent years social science research, medical, psychological and pedagogical showed a strong interest, particularly in adolescents, for intentional practices of potentiation (“enhancement”) of the body and mind than the “normal” physical and mental functioning, through the ‘use of chemical or instrumental practices substances.

The volume aims to describe the phenomenon and to clarify the psychological processes that can oriented a teenager to adopt this behaviours in sports activities and in school performaces.

It outlines a new field of bioethics and it is also noted that the use of NES (Neuro-Enhancing Substances) produces a deterioration in the experience of the psychology students compared to the academic load and interferes with the protective effect that may have motivational resources.

The theoretical advance and empirical research on doping has marked the last two decades is testimony the efficacy of a socio-cognitive model. This line of research will provide a specific basis for the development of educational programs to effectively address the NES use problem and its implications for health and for the performances also in terms of learning.

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