ePortfolio. Conoscersi, presentarsi, rappresentarsi. Narrare, condividere, includere. In epoca digitale.

ePortfolio Conoscersi, presentarsi, rappresentarsi Narrare, condividere, includere In epoca digitale
Author  Concetta La Rocca
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: april 2020
Pages: 183
ISBN: 979-12-80060-11-2
n° downloads ad oggi: 7


In the digital age, higher education institutions and universities, are invited to take up the challenge of integrating the training offer with didactic activities developed through the new information and communication technologies. In the documents produced as part of the works of Bologna Digital, held in Paris in May 2018, the ePortfolio (electronic portfolio) indicates a particularly effective tool / environment both in promoting self-reflection skills, in order to support each student for the acquisition awareness of their learning processes and for taking responsibility for their training and work choices, both in providing the opportunity to reflect collectively by meeting in an online platform in which to build inclusive learning communities on the web. This volume hopes to be able to contribute to the debate on the reasons for promoting the construction of the ePortfolio and on the ways in which it can be used to support training subjects in a self-evaluation, self-orientation, collaborative and inclusive perspective.

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