Forme contemporanee del disagio

Forme contemporanee del disagio
Edited by:  Massimiliano Fiorucci, Valeria Biasi
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: march 2018
Pages: 226
ISBN: 978-88-94885-77-4
n° downloads ad oggi: 5


The book focuses, through an interdisciplinary perspective now unavoidable for educational research and for the educational and training sciences, on some of the main forms of discomfort in contemporary society.

The contributions collected here address – from historical and demographic data relative to the national and international migratory system, represented also through cinematographic narration – the phenomena of marginalization and socio-economic and housing disadvantage, the issues of cohabitation in multicultural societies, the renewed forms of gender discrimination also with reference to migrant women, the problem of non-equitable educational opportunities, disability, bullying and the alarming phenomena of scholastic dispersion, exclusion and university drop-out.

More and more numerous sections of the population today appear to be at risk of marginalization and alienation both as a consequence of the phenomena of wild globalization and because of a unfortunately still too weak political and cultural attention to the issues of training and education.

The reflections outlined above and the empirical contributions collected here intend, however, to contribute to the development of scientifically founded educational proposals aimed at tackling and, when possible, preventing the multiple problems involving those who teach in schools and universities and those who work in socio-educational and training services.

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