I poteri privati e il diritto della regolazione

Edited by:  Andrea Zoppini, Pietro Sirena
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: june 2018
Pages: 594
ISBN: 978-88-94376-31-9
n° downloads ad oggi: 13


40 years after its publication, the book of Cesare Massimo Bianca “Le autorità private” still shows the extreme relevance of the impact that private power – excercised on legal or merely factual grounds – may have on the relations among citizens; of the techniques available to the legal system for the protection of collective and individual interests; of the influences that these developments may have on the categories traditionally available to the legal scholarship.

This perspective invites one to revisit the traditional distinction between “private law” based on the idea of equality and “public law” based on the idea of authority, and it is intertwined with the most recent analyses of “regulatory law”, as the most complete realization of that field of law governing entrepreneurial activities and relationships that was effectively outlined in Bianca’s book.

This volume aims at providing an analysis of the corollaries that a private law functionalized to the control of private power may have on the traditional sources of law and on the rules operating in specific sectors of legal system.

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