Il Sud-est europeo e le Grandi potenze. Questioni nazionali e ambizioni egemoniche dopo il Congresso di Berlino

Edited by:  Antonio D’Alessandri, Rudolf Dinu
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: december 2020
Pages: 213
ISBN: 979-12-80060-83-9
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The Berlin Congress (1878) was a turning point in the contemporary history of the Balkans and of Europe itself. Convened to discuss the long-lasting Eastern Question, returned forcefully to the attention of the European Cabinets in 1875-78, it had the ambition to try to resolve the major international political questions concerning the peoples and states of South-Eastern Europe. Surely it was a moment of deep change not only for the Balkans but also for the relations among the European Great Powers, interested in exploiting the national issues of that region for the achievement of their hegemonic designs. The authors of the essays contained in this volume investigate the outcomes and developments following the Berlin Treaty of 1878 and offer a broad panorama on the politics of the Great Powers and the states and populations of the Balkans in the thirty years following 1878. In the light of the extensive historiography available on the subject and, above all, of the new research conducted in recent years, this volume aims to take stock of the knowledge available about Balkan history at the end of Nineteenth century, seen in the broader context of the international relations of that time. 

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