Il tutor dei docenti neoassunti

Il tutor dei docenti neoassunti
Edited by:  Giovanni Moretti, Massimiliano Fiorucci
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: october 2019
Pages: 186
ISBN: 978-88-32136-73-9
n° downloads ad oggi: 2


The period during which the newly hired teachers are starting their professional career in the school context, defined in the international context as “induction period”, is strategic for in-service training and professional development. The role of the tutor is crucial to accompany the novice in entering the school community with a reflective and collaborative dimension that give them opportunities of mutual learning.

The volume is developed starting from the results of a training course and from an explorative research carried out by the Department of Education of Roma Tre University in collaboration with the “Regional Scholastic Office” for Lazio. The thematic areas deepened by the authors focus on: peer training and professional practices; self-assessment and strategic competences; classroom observation activities, among peers, and with reference to microteaching; evaluative feedback provided with a trifocal glance; counselling for the professional supervision that tutor have to develop with newly hired teacher; tools that detect the evaluative practices of teachers with middle management functions; the role of the tutor of kindergarten’s newly hired teachers in the perspective of the “Integrated System of education and instruction from birth to six years”.

The volume aims to enhance the role and the functions of the newly hired tutor to help qualify the training and professional development paths of all teachers.

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