LA SCUOLA È APERTA A TUTTI. Modelli ed esperienze di formazione docenti e dirigenti nel master FAMI. Organizzazione e gestione delle istituzioni scolastiche in contesti multiculturali

Edited by:  Giuseppe Pillera, Lisa Stillo, Maria Tomarchio, Massimiliano Fiorucci
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: december 2021
Pages: 393
ISBN: 979-12-5977-063-9
n° downloads ad oggi: 6


This volume collects the reflections and experiences gained within the training and action-research project related to the Master “Organization and management of school institutions in multicultural contexts”, carried out in 27 Italian universities. The papers are divided into three parts, with the aim of giving account of the many contributions gained from this valuable experience of intercultural training of teachers and school principals in a perspective of organicity and sharing of reference models, content, structures and strategies. Through the valorization of the pedagogical models, the in-depth study of reflective and laboratory training, and the analysis of the research-action experiences, the book aims to enhance  the intercultural pedagogical proposal within a school for all and for everyone. Therefore, the volume is configured as a space for reflection, analysis and in-depth study of the numerous experiences and good practices that have been realized, in order to constitute an effective shared patrimony for for a training project still in progress.

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