La valutazione dei e nei sistemi formativi e-learning

Author  Stefania Nirchi
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: november 2021
Pages: 189
ISBN: 979-12-5977-047-9
n° downloads ad oggi: 6


The growing use of digital technologies in the world of education has provided enriching opportunities for existing learning models. Online education made it possible for students to learn outside of the classroom, and it pushed the European education systems to adapt to the ongoing situation and to take up the innovation challenge through the intensification of e-learning activities. Starting from the international e-learning framework, an analysis of some of the most important European documents – such as the “Digital education action plan 2021-2027” – is provided, and two major aspects of e-learning are further explored: planning and communication. Through the analysis of the theoretical debate, in the last part, this book highlights the importance of the evaluation of learners and of the collaborative/social dimension of online education. In this complex historical context in which the education is found, also due to the health emergency from Covid-19 that we’re still facing, the text has the aim to give a contribution to the critical considerations concerning the evaluation of learners, and to be useful to teachers in their vocational training, providing them elements to acquire or strengthen those skills that are crucial to plan a high-quality e-learning classes.

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