Lifelong and lifewide learning and education: Spagna e Italia a confronto

Lifelong and lifewide learning and education: Spagna e Italia a confronto
Edited by:  Gabriella Aleandri
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: september 2019
Pages: 253
ISBN: 978-88-32136-61-6
n° downloads ad oggi: 1


Current societies are increasingly characterized by complexity and sudden changes in the economy, technologies, policies, social relations, and educational needs. In the last decade, moreover, the economic crisis has firstly influenced the labor market, characterizing it even more by complexity, precariousness and entry difficulties, especially for young people. Furthermore, poverties, not only economic but also cultural and educational, are affecting most of European countries, with huge risks including social exclusion, as well as problems related to migrants and interculture. In this scenario, the lifelong and lifewide learning and education, to which the lifedeep dimension has recently been added, have become of crucial importance for the sustainable well-being of both people and societies. The book contains contributions that explore those issues in depth. A special focus deals with educational policies, realities and practices, problems and prospects in Spain and Italy, in a set of active and constructive dialogue and comparison.

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