Lingua-cultura italiana per stranieri

Lingua-cultura italiana per stranieri
Author  Unità di lavoro realizzate dai docenti del Progetto PRILS
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: may 2017
Cats: CLAro, Humanities
Pages: 225
ISBN: 978-88-94885-17-0
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This volume is the result of a two-year training course organized within the framework of a PRILS Project (Piani Regionali di Integrazione Linguistica e Sociale degli Stranieri nel Lazio) and addressed to teachers of Italian as a second language working in CPIAs (Centri Provinciali per l’Istruzione degli Adulti) and voluntary associations.
Thanks to the skills developed during the training course, the participants produced a textbook for the teaching of L2 Italian divided into fifteen units: 8 units for A1 level and 7 units for A2 level. In line with the Common European Framework, in the syllabi, as well as in the texts and activities, the textbook favours a communicative approach, with attention to the use of the language in context and to the needs of the learners, without neglecting the teaching of elements of civic education.

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