Performance. Sistemi di controllo. Made in Italy

Performance. Sistemi di controllo. Made in Italy
Edited by:  Patrizio Graziani, Salvatore Monni
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: january 2016
Pages: 264
ISBN: 978-88-97524-54-0
n° downloads ad oggi: 4


In the book Performance. Control Systems. ‘Made in Italy’ two main issues are addressed: corporate performance and control systems. Three empirical studies analyse corporate governance and performance of companies listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. In all those studies, it is concluded that there are no strong statistical relations that correlate the analysed variables and corporate financial performance. The second strand of the book is on corporate governance and control systems. A first contribution analyses the state of the art of internal control systems in Italy and India. It is therefore presented a case study that shows how the Telecom Italy Group made the acquisition of a majority stake of the Telecom Argentina Group. The subject of the next chapter is the framework of the statutory audit in the context of the US and Italy. The book ends with the case study of a ‘Made in Italy’ business failure. It is the case of an Italian company that has achieved international success but that did not have those systems of management and control necessary for the maintenance of this success.

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