SOStenibilità – Tre lezioni sull’Agenda 2030

Author  Catia Bastioli, Chiara Tonelli, Marcela Villarreal
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: march 2022
Pages: 82
ISBN: 979-12-5977-071-4
n° downloads ad oggi: 5


At the end of 2019 Roma Tre University set up a working group on sustainable development and in the academic year 2020/21 a multidisciplinary course on the United Nations 2030 Agenda was launched, open to all students of the University. A series of common lessons given by distinguished lecturers were flanked by in-depth activities managed by teachers of each department. The aim of the course  was to underline the ideal strength and political significance of the 2030 Agenda and at the same time to propose a critical reading of its system, exploring the synergies but also the trade offs between its Sustainable Development Goals. The initiative, thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, was a success, with about 500 students who chose to include teaching in their curriculum. The three lessons that we publish here are particularly significant both because they concern central themes in the structure of the 2030 Agenda – the fight against hunger, sustainable cities, the circular economy – and because they are masterfully taught by three lecturers who represent excellence in their professional field: Marcela Villarreal, FAO deputy director, Catia Bastioli, researcher and CEO of Novamont, and our Chiara Tonelli, professor of Architectural Technology and expert in sustainable construction.

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