Spazio al tempo. Significato e uso del tempo per gli assistenti sociali, tra responsabilità e contesto organizzativo.

Edited by:  Cristina Tilli
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: september 2021
Pages: 216
ISBN: 979-12-5977-033-2
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The idea of time is a multifaceted concept, studied by different people from the ancient Greeks until today. Working time, especially, is alternatively felt like a tyrant or a resource. In such contexts, how do Social Workers use their working time, to play their different roles and meet their professional and ethic duties? How much time do they use for taking care of people and families? And how much time for planning? Do they use any time for researching and lifelong learning? This work tries to give some answers to these questions, on the basis of literature and a field research.A research group from Roma Tre University and Order of Social Workers studied how Social Workers in Lazio Region, Italy, use their working time in their several activities and roles. Using a quantitative web survey, more than 1300 Social Workers answered the previous and other questions, and gave an interesting presentation of their work, through their use of the working time.

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