Come soli dentro al mare. Storie di minori migranti

Author  Danilo Palmisano
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: february 2022
Pages: 195
ISBN: 979-12-5977-073-8
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The research reconstructs the migratory flow of Unaccompanied and Separated Children (UASC) who arrived in Italy in the last decades. The history of the journey, the reasons behind the migratory choice, the contexts crossed, are all areas that contribute to the reading of the migration phenomenon. The stories of the journey are complemented by an analysis of the reception system dedicated to UASC. A plurality of institutions in charge of migration management, which prove to be a privileged laboratory of analysis, in which security and humanitarian demands are combined, in which control and reception become practices that coexist problematically in the same places.

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