Discorso d’odio e politiche dell’odio tra passato e presente

Edited by:  Laura Fotia
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: april 2022
Pages: 151
ISBN: 979-12-5977-081-3
n° downloads ad oggi: 5


In recent years there has been an escalation in the use of hate speech and so-called ‘hate crimes’, prompted by the multiplication of virtual spaces for discussion, today potentially accessible to anyone. It is no coincidence that the scientific debate on these issues has recently gained momentum. The essays collected in this volume represent valuable tools for better understanding the main features of hate speech and ‘hate politics’, as well as the shape that these phenomena have taken in the past and present. The authors tackle these issues from different perspectives, yet these are in many ways complementary, as, on the one hand, they stress the dangers and risks associated with downplaying hate speech phenomena and, on the other, they illuminate avenues for countering their expansion. The work presented here, the result of the encounter between the academic world, institutions and civil society, hopes to stimulate reflection on these issues, which appears to be all the more necessary to effectively deal with the spread of what has been effectively defined as the “virus of ‘hate’, nurturing full awareness of its destructive force.

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