Il carretto dei gelati. Un’introduzione all’urbanistica

Il carretto dei gelati. Un’introduzione all’urbanistica
Author  Giorgio Piccinato
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: may 2020
Pages: 175
ISBN: 979-12-80060-19-8
n° downloads ad oggi: 3


The book comprises an anthology of writings about planning and urbanism that first appeared in scientific journals or were given at congresses over the past 50 years. Together they describe a society, that of the so called advanced world, crisscrossed by radical transformations that both register and are revealing of   equally profound changes   in the   forms and uses of the environment, constructed  or otherwise.  It retraces   the fundamental themes of contemporary planning, often in their first reconnaissance.  Here they are  intertwined  with the life  experiences   and  researches of a commentator   for whom  atmosphere,  places, persons   are the real protagonists of this extended  history. The author offers both the history of his discipline and   an account   of a personal and scholarly formation distant from the rhetoric of academia but rich in reflections   and in truths . There is a preface by Carlo Olmo and a photo by Guido Guidi .

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