Tivoli, un laboratorio urbano. Ieri, oggi, domani

Tivoli, un laboratorio urbano. Ieri, oggi, domani
Edited by:  Elisabetta Pallottino, Francesco Martines
Editor: RomaTrE-Press
Publication date: march 2019
Pages: 216
ISBN: 978-88-32136-12-8
n° downloads ad oggi: 3


The book collects the lectures presented during the study day organized by the Municipality of Tivoli in 2016 on the architectural, urban and landscape context of the city and its surrounding area. Many groups of researchers and students from three universities (Università Roma Tre, Sapienza, Università di Genova) and the Accademia Adrianea di Architettura e Archeologia, presented their researches and projects concerning different topics on the territory and the city (the Aniene; the Bacino delle Acque Albule; the urban structure of Tivoli, its history, its constructive features and its road infrastructures; the cartography and the GIS, the area of Mausoleo dei Plauzi and of Ponte Lucano; Castrovetere and the Forum area; the paper mills; the market; the Roman countryside; the natural disasters, the war damages and the seismic risk; the archaeological heritage). The catalog of the exhibition hosted at the Scuderie Estensi and organized by Roma Tre teachers and students is in the Appendix.

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